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General sale terms

General terms of sale

Engagement :

The sale is effective as soon as your order is received.


Products :

The original parts sold are in conformation with french regulations and laws and with the norms in force in France and European Union.

A certain number of Parts of high performance and tuning cannot be set up in running vehicles before a new homologation by the concerned authorities of these modifications and before giving the information to your insurance company.

All the products proposed by RBM performance are generally available. The list of products and their prices on RBM are valid during the duration of their presence on the site but of course within the limits of stock availability. Informations concerning the availability of the parts are given by our providers, errors or last modifications are not of our fact and consequentlly cannot engage our liability.

Although we pay a strict attention to the fiability of photographs, texts, information notes and characteristics given or shown by providers they are only an indication without any contractual force. If errors or omissions are present or if providers have changed the characteristics of the products the liability of RBM performance and the responsibility of its leader cannot be engaged

Products sold by RBM performance have to be set up by competent persons and under their sole responsibility. RBM performance could not be responsible for the negative consequences of a wrong installation or for the use of a product which does not suit a vehicle.



Our prices are those in force on the day of sale.

Prices are given in EUROS all taxes included except shipping fare which is charged in addition.

Prices on RBM are valid as long as they are apparent. We keep the right to modify a price but products will be billed as their prices were at the registration of the order.  


Payment and security :

You can pay by three different ways:

1) Credit card / debit card on line: transaction is safe thanks to SOGENACTIF system of SOCIETE GENERALE. 

2) Through Paypal (look for every payment through paypal has to be sent to this address:

3) Credit card /debit card over the phone (only for parts not shown in our webshop)

4) Bank transfert


Risks :

Sold articles travel at the expenses, risk and perils of the buyer, except possible appeal against the carrier. It is up to the customer to recognise their good state before taking them up.

RBM performance asks its courteous customers to pay attention to the fact that the installation of some” high performances”parts in view of increasing the power and the engine torque present such characteristics that they forbid the use of the vehicle on public ways and roads.

According to french regulations and laws such  parts sold by RBM performance cannot be set up on a running vehicle before his owner gets the homologation of these modifications from the concerned authorities and let his insurance company know about the changes.


Returns :

Out of the legal period of seven days no article will be exchanged, taken back or reimbursed except because of an error of RBM performance ( Wrong parts or defective ones in such cases we take care of shipping charges). Articles returned incomplete, damaged or spoilled by the customer can be neither exchanged nor reimbursed.


Guarantee :

Every parts, second hand or new, sold by RBM performance include our guarantee. Second hand parts have 3 or 6 months coverage depending on the specificity of the article. New parts have a 12 or 24 months coverage according to the specific article.There are articles with more than 24 months coverage. During the period covered by our guarantee and if there is an abnormal working deficiency, we shall replace it or reimburse it if we are unable to find and ship the same article within three months.

To be able to obtain the benefit of the guarantee coverage you must keep the invoice of the purchase.

The guarantee coverage cannot intervene for:

Replacement of consumable products (lamps, wipers, batteries, discs, filters, fuses, brake shoes or pads......)

Inadequate utilization of the product.

Defects and their consequences caused by a wrong and inadequate use compared to the normal destination use of the product.

Defects and their consequences caused by external accidental or natural events.


Guarantee coverage for engines and gearboxes:

Duration of coverage for second hand parts (end of coverage when one of the two limits is reached):

3 months or 4 000 kms

4 months or 5 000 kms

5 months or 6000 kms

6 months or 6500 kms

1 year or 8 000 kms

Duration of coverage for brand new or standard exchange (up to the first reached limit):

1 year or 10 000 km

2 years or 18 000 km

Buying an used engine or a gearbox involve risks our job has to prevent from occurring in order to minimize them. For a good optimisation of the working capacity of the installation :

RBM performance has to :

• Check the good working capacity.

• Check the traceability (quality, origin...)

• Check if it suits correctly the concerned vehicle.

The customer has to :

• Take care of transmitting the guarantee conditions to the professional engineer in charge of the setting up.

• Check a second time if the part is in adequation with the concerned vehicle.

• Be sure the installation will be made by a qualified motor-car engineer and in case of        dispute be able to communicate the garage invoice with the mention” paid”.

• Have the fluids to be changed as advised and when installing an engine or a gear-box.

• Have to have air and oil filters to be replaced by new ones when installing an engine and at every oil change. 


Application modalities of the guarantee :

RBM performance choses to apply one the three following possibilities:

• Repair when possible (with no longer extention of the guarantee).

• Exchange the part (with no longer extension of the guarantee)

• Reimburse the price of the part if it is returned by the customer and after expertise in our workshop.


There is no application of the guarantee in the following cases :

•When it concerns the adjusting or regulating action or the rehabilitation of one organ of the part which has the normal wear of the past mileage. If necessary this fact will be ascertained by an expert chosen by RBM performance. RBM performance can ask for an expertise of the vehicle every time it will be necessary.

• Driving fault, wrong or inappropriate use or carelessness of the owner or the driver.

• Participation in sport car races or sport competitions

• Transformation of one or many organs of the parts so that the original builder characteristics would be changed (LPG transformation, fuel and other injectors modification etc...)

• Change in the cubic capacity whithout authorities’ certification.

• Wrong maintenance of the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommandations, particularly lubrification indications and oil characteristics.


Payment and postponed payment :

Our articles and products are to be fully paid when ordering them, except if RBM performance accepts exceptionnal postponed payment.

In this case the articles and products of RBM performance remains the sole property of RBM performance until complete payment, price, fees and accessories included.

Any delay of payment at the term (due time) will increase the bill up to 1.5 time the legal interest rate (LAW n° 921442 of december the12th of 1992).


Posting to the website or other social networking media:


Users and our customers agree not to post or transmit to any website or social networking media any defamatory, threatening, obscene, harmful material which would either violate or infringe in any way our rights or which may directly or indirectly cause unsubstantiated adverse publicity. 

Any person(s) or bodies that contravene the provisions of this clause agree to compensate the Company for all costs and losses directly or indirectly arising from the posting or transmission including the Company’s legal costs (on an indemnity basis) for removing for dealing with such posting or transmission.



Agreement :

These general sale terms manage the contractual relations between RBM performance and its customer; both parties accept it without any reserve. These general sale terms will prevail upon any other written ones on any other document, except specific written acceptation by RBM performance. The present general and particular sale terms are subject to modifications whenever necessary and without previous warning. They apply to continental France (Corsica included).

We remain at your disposal to check if the parts you order are in conformation with your vehicle and to assure a purchase without surprise!

In case of dispute, the commercial court of Bastia (20 Corsica France) has the sole legal competence.

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