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Front sport Brake pads for saab 9000 1989-1998

Parts for Saab

Front sport Brake pads for saab 9000  all versions from 1989 to 1998




RBM reference : DP2751
Saab reference : dp2751

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Designed for premium street driving offering better brake effect at loads and speed. high initial brake effect and gives drivers confidence from first application of the brake pedal. Capable of stopping a motor vehicle 9 meters shorter than standard OEM pads. mild abrasive red coloured coating applied to the surface of the pads. It helps reduce bed-in time significantly and lightly scrubs the brake disc after new pad installation allowing optimum braking to be achieved faster. 


Fast/Heavy Street Use

Brake well from cold

Effective to above 650°C

Lower dust formula

EBC Brake-In Technology

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