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VULCANET cleaning wipes for car and motorcycle + microfiber

Parts for Saab

RBM Performance has chosen Vulcanet after a year of testing in all conditions and on all supports:
VULCANET wipes are a product for the care of the carriage, hoops, paint, plastics, chrome and glasses of your vehicle or your motorcycle.

Innovation Award in 2008, this product ensures the recurring engine maintenance as well as cleaning marks tar, insect impacts, scratches, tarnish hides ...




RBM reference : vulcanet
Saab reference : UC00100

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Vulcanet was made to:
Clean, polish, protect, stop the marks of the passage of time
For all surfaces
Without equipment, everywhere
No risk of scratches or damage
Without water

What Vulcanet does:
Removes impacts and insect marks on radiators and headlights
Removes asphalt marks often present on the underside of the vehicle
Removes the grease from the glasses without leaving marks but leaving an anti-rain layer
Removes grease, disassembles hoops, without altering light alloys, varnishes, plastics or paints
Protects the carriage leaving an invisible anti-fouling coating
For the interior, it cleans and nourishes the leather or the synthetic leather, without leaving them slippery, protects them from the stains, also the carpets and the alcantara.

You will not waste your time because it is:

without water
Without boots
Without gloves
Without soap
No pollutants
Without high pressure mains
No specific space (cleaning possible on the street, in a small garage ...)
Without limestone marks

Usage mode:
• Remove a wipe from the pot.
• Fold it in two and place it on your hand
• Caress the surface without rubbing, when the surface becomes slippery it is possible to slightly increase the pressure
• Always proceed on small surfaces, without forking, drawing small circles
Vulcanet traps the particles, cleans and applies a thin layer on the surface
• Pass the microfiber 420 immediately, with rapid and circular movements without force
The microfiber does not serve to clean but to give a finish to the surface: the result is shiny.

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