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The saab 900 classic RBM won the first prize of "elegance" during the saab festival 2007 organized by SAAB in Sweden for the 60 years aniversary of brand. It was in Trollhättan the city of SAAB. This meeting was the most important ever organized in the world with more than 14 000 visitors.









SAAB 900 turbo 16 RBM Performance






Specifications :


SAAB 900 TURBO 16  RBM performance                         Year model : 1989


   Power: 401 HP* (running E85)

   Max torque: 490 nm

   Peak boost pressure : 1,6 bar

   Compression ratio : 8,8 :1

   Engine size : 1985 cm3

   Gas: E85 ethanol or petrol unleaded 95 ou 98 

   Performances : Max speed : + 270 km/h


*runing E85 


Engine :

  - New engine shortblock (B202L) with mahle pistons

  - Balanced flywheel and crankshaft

  - Ported and polished head cylinder from saab 9000 2.3 litres Turbo (special stainless valves 32 et 34mn, special valves springs) 

  - Bigger intake manifold ( 900 2.1 liters)

  - bigger FMIC in aluminium

  - Turbo GT28RS  with Reenforced Forge Wastegate 

  - atmospheric  Dump valve Forge

  - BMC dynamic carbon airbox with BMC sport air filter

  - Complete stainless 3 inches diameter exhaust system  without cat converter (without silencer too)

  - Exhaust stainless sport manifold (header) 4/1 

  - FPR 3.0 bars

  - Big capacity injectors (630cc)

  - High capacity fuel pump

  - SAAB TRIONIC 5  complete engine management system 

  - Special made engine management software by MapTun Sweden on ROTOTEST

  - rev limiter 6900 RPM



 - 25mm lowering sport springs

 - Sachs sport front absorbers and KONI red at the rear

 - powerflex suspension bushings


 Brakes : Front calipers from saab 9000 with cross drilled front and rear brake discs

sport pads and stainless brakes hoses..



 - Reenforced special clutch system good for 500 nm of torque

 - Special reenforced 5 speed manual gearbox with special gear ratios and with limited slip diff.


 Wheels :

 - SAAB  genuine « aero » alloys wheels in16 inches

Tires: 205/50 ZR 16

 - RBM Performance special cross spokes 17 inches polished alloy wheels



  - Genuine saab front and rear "Carlsson" or « Airflow » bumpers

  - White front corner lights

  - Genuine saab Whaletail

  - Genuine saab rear decor panel 

  - Genuine Third rear brake light
  - Genuine Rear Air outet covers 


 Interior :

  - Hand made walnut dashboard , center consol, gloove box, ashtray (front an rear) and door trims.

  - Genuine saab leather Nardi steering wheel (three spokes)

  - Leather headlining and doors panels



 videos :


prize saab festival :

 in the press:

 RBM performance article option auto.pdf

 RBM performance article option auto suite.pdf

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