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SID 2 (computer) for saab 9.3

Parts for Saab

Exchange unit SID 2 (5 buttons) for saab 9.3


The price is including the core charge (40 euros) which will be refund at reception of your old computer.



RBM reference : SID293ES
manufacturer : SAAB/GM

Qte : 

Secure payment

24H shipping if ordered before noon (UTC+1)


The missing pixel problem on these units is very comon from 1998 to 2002. Our unit is an exchange unit which has been fully professionally reconditionned. Our unit won't lose pixels ! this unit is also covered by our 2 years warranty against all pixel loss.


* Please note that this SID is sold as an exchange unit, it means that by ordering this part you accept to send us back your old unit within 7 days after receiving your new unit (to the adress you'll find in your invoice)


** The sid sent us back must be the same as the one ordered, we'll note accept for example a SID1 in the place of a SID2

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