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Silicon Crankcase breather hose saab 9.3 and 9.5

Parts for Saab

The 9-3's with Trionic 7 engine management system are renowned for crank case ventilation hose failure. The main symptoms of this failure are 'squidgy' pipes, which can eventually collapse completely and can contribute to 'engine oil sludging' and possibly lead to engine failure.


Using this hose with our Crank case ventilation kit ref OE1200 will help to prevent this problem.




RBM reference : 55560445.2
Saab reference : 55560445
manufacturer : Speedparts


this hose fits all turbo petrol saab 9.3 with trionic 7 engine management system :

9-3 2,0t 150 hp 01-02
9-3 2,0T 185 hp 
9-3 2,0T 205 hp 
9-3 2,3T Viggen 


and all saab 9.5 models with 4 cylinders petrol engines.

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