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SAAB 900 classic TYPE 8 primary drive sprockets kit

Parts for Saab


RBM Performance is the only Saab specialist in the world that offers you the well-known Type 8 primary drive sprockets + chains kit, as mounted on the gearbox of the Saab 900 Turbo high pressure from 1991 GM55806 and GM55804


This kit’s installation on the gearbox housing at the original sprocket’s place, allows the diminution of the rated speed for all the gear positions. Driving becomes more relaxed, the consumption diminishes and the maximum speed improves. Your Saab 900 will be much more pleasant to drive. The two first positions on the gearbox were originally very short on some Saab 900 which makes it not very pleasant to drive at low speed. With this kit you'll feel the diference and get a real 1rst and 2nd gear!


The complete kit is delivered with:


Two sprockets

Three chains

The bearing

The circlips




RBM reference : TYPE8KIT
Saab reference : 8728586,8728602,8728594,8726010,8728578,8711590
manufacturer : RBM



We are proposing you an efficient solution. An upgrade that diminishes the rated speed to the same speed for a relaxed driving and a higher maximum speed. A lower rated speed reduces the engine and transmission damages, which helps for a better carburant consumption. The Saab 900 Classic becomes a better adapted car for a daily use thanks to this improvement.


Compareted with the original Saab parts:


Kit sprockets type 6 (mainly on the 900 turbo low pressure and 900 injection 16) – 4000rpm – 140km/h – Possible max Speed with 6500rpm = 227.5km/h*

Kit sprockets type 7 (mainly on the 900 turbo high pressure of 1988-1990) – 3714rpm – 140km/h – Possible max Speed with 6500rpm = 245.0km/h*

Kit sprockets type 8 (mainly on the 900 turbo aero of 1991-1993) – 3462rpm – 140km/h – Possible max Speed with 6500rpm = 262.8km/h*


*The values can change according to the differential, the engine power and the wheel size.

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